30 Jul 2018 Call for JURSE 2019 is out

The biennal international Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE) will take place in Vannes, Brittany, France. See


30 Jul 2018 PRRS 2018 with Record Participation

PRRS this time will be a two day event with oral presentations, posters and key-notes. We never had so many papers before. Currently the final paper versions are collected for publication at IEEE-Xplore


07 Jan 2018 CfP for PRRS 2018 ready

There is also a website for the next PRRS: See


25 Mar 2017 CfP for IEEE-JSTARS special issue

There will be a special issue on PRRS. The authors of PRRS-9-2017 are encouraged to submit an extended version of their work. See here for the Call-for-Papers.


3 Mar 2017 PRRS 2016 Papers on IEEE Xplore

The publishing is now complete and the papers are at

There you can your DOI for proper citation and download.


12 Jan 2017 IEEE Fusion Contest open

Since Jan 9th the contest is open - see
Input data are multi-temporal, multi-source and multi-modal (image and semantic layers).


12 Jan 2017 Consider ISPRS Hannover Workshop 2017 for Publication

See . Our long-term partner-group ISPRS ICWG II/III is responsible for the CMRT. Full paper deadline is Jan 31st.


11 Dec 2016 PRRS 2016 completed

It has been a very successful event. All 14 technical papers as well as the keynote were presented. We thank the speakers and the audience, in particular for the vivit discussion.


24 Oct 2016 Program for PRRS ready

This is a tentative program subject to possible changes. There is access to it via the PRRS 2016 web page.


23 Sep 2016 PRRS-2016 paper acceptance notified

We received 17 papers from all over the world and accepted 14 out of these. Those are interesting and good contributions in the scope of TC7. We are looking forward to the workshop in Cancun.


21 Aug 2016 IEEE-GRSS co-sponsoring approved for PRRS-2016

So we have again three co-sponsors: IAPR, ISPRS and IEEE-GRSS. This alows allows again publishing of accepted contributions via IEEE-Xplore.


17 Aug 2016 Paper Submission for PRRS-2016 finished

We received a total of 17 papers. There is no prolongation. Reviewing will be single blind this time. We hope to notify acceptance in early September.


24 Jul 2016 Key-note speaker for PRRS-2016 fixed

Prof. Dr. Devis Tuia from the University of Zurich will give the key-note presentation. For details on Devis see:


10 Jun 2016 ISPRS sponsoring for PRRS-2016 approved:

Next to IAPR sponsoring we now also have co-sponsoring of the ISPRS. This reflects the close cooperation in particular with the intercommission working group III/VII for Pattern Analysis in Remote Sensing


26 May 2016 PRRS-2016 workshop approved as side-event of ICPR-2016 in Cancun:

The 9th international workshop on Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing will be held in conjunction with the ICPR-2016 in Cancun, Mexico on  December 5th 2016. It is an IAPR-sponsored event. For details see We are working on the details.


06 Jan 2016 Exciting new data available at IEEE-GRS: The new competition data contain images of high temporal resolution (i.e. video frame-rate) from space to be fused with standard satellite products:


06 Oct 2015 New Semantic Labeling Benschmark in 2D and 3D

The ISPRS working group III/4 "3D scene analysis" released two new benchmarks. See Resources button for details.


09 May 2015 Special session of IAPR-TC7 together with ISPRS WG III/VII at the ASPRS held

TC7 co-chair Jie Shan organized a 90min special session devoted to our topics within the frame of ASPRS 2015 in Tampa, Florida. Eight speakers presented their work. It is planned to continue such fruitfull cooperation in the future.


03 Nov 2014 New chair and co-chair for TC7

IAPR recommends that the chair of an IAPR-TC should not be with the same person for longer than four years. Accordingly, Jenny Q. Du will not continue as chair, and asked the members of the TC to name a successor. The TC thanks Prof. Du for a very successful term and hopes she may aid with her valuable advice in the forthcoming years. New chair will be Eckart Michaelsen from Fraunhofer-IOSB; new co-chair will be Prof. Jie Shan from Purdue University.


07 Oct 2014 PRRS 2014 papers on IEEE Xplore

The contributions to PRRS-8-2014 are available now at

please use this source for citations


18 Sep 2014 Special Issue PRRS in Pattern Recogntion Letters

There will be special issue on PRRS in Pattern Recognition Letter

Submission deadline 31 July 2015


02 Sep 2014 PRRS 2014 successfully completed

all 14 papers were presented in Stockholm


07 July 2014 PRRS 2014 final program out

participants please check the program link of the web site. It should give the final program as PDF. Looking forward to seeing You!


05 May 2014  PRRS 2014 notifications out

please register at the ICPR web-site for "Workshops" or "ICPR and Workshops" before 21 May. We have received and reviewed very good material; it is going to be an exciting workshop!


08 Feb 2014 New Data Fusion Contest Starting

It is organized by IEEE GRSS; see link at our Resources section


26 Jan 2014 Work on PRRS 2014 progressing

We have support from IAPR and IEEE-GRS and the workshop is held in cooperation with working group III/VII of the ISPRS


24 Oct 2013  PRRS 2014 webpage online

please check


30 Sep 2013 ICPR 2014 accepted our workshop proposal

PRRS 2014 will be a full day event on August 24, 2014 in Stockholm along with the ICPR 2014. We will set up a call for paper and a web-page for PRRS 2014 here in due time.


29 Aug 2013 Submission to special Issue on IEEE-JSTARS open

PRRS 2012 special issue will be in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (JSTARS). The submission system is open at When submitting a paper, please choose
"Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing" as "manuscript type". Submit your paper at your earliest convenience; the tentative publication date is July 2014.


15 Jan 2013 PRRS papers on IEEE Xplore

Please check


20 Nov 2012 PRRS successfully completed

We thank all contributers for their efforts. It has been a very inspiring day!


19 Sep 2012 Program for PRRS online

We have assembled the program for PRRS 2012, and it is on-line at the workshops website


22 Jun 2012 Reviews for PRRS complete

The double blind review procedure for PRRS 2012 is now complete, and results have been notified to the authors. Registration for the workshop is open via ICPR registration site


23 Mar 2012 Deadline extension for PRRS 2012

The deadline for submission to PRRS 2012 is now set to April, 30, 2012


17 Feb 2012 Website for PRRS 2012 online

The workshop website for PRRS 2012 is online: The deadline for submission is March, 31, 2012


02 Feb 2012 PRRS 2012 Call for Papers released

The workshop proposal has been accepted by the ICPR organizers. PRRS 2012 will be along with ICPR 2012 in Japan


24 May 2011 Special Issue of IEEE JSTARS

there will be a special issue of IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing associated with PRRS 2010 - while being open to all researchers. The deadline for submission is October, 31, 2011


15 March 2011 PRRS 2010 papers on IEEE-Explore

The PRRS 2010 papers are accessible on IEEE-Xplore